Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Catalog Parties ........

It has been a very eventful few weeks!
I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas.
As promised I am going to tell you about the Catalog Parties.... These are great for those that can't do home parties, but still want to earn FREE product!

These are the simplest to do. You basically take the catalog with you where ever you go and take orders! I do these for a week. You turn in the orders and payment together and when the orders come in I deliver them to you. As a host of a catalog party you receive 15% of sales in free product. so if you sale $200 (before tax and shipping) you will get $3o in free product! If you sale $300(before tax & shipping) or more you will receive the 15% in free product and a surprise gift valued at $25.00. Book yours today!
Email me at: maryreid121@yahoo.com!

The deals I offer through my Home Parties and Catalog Parties are offered only through me as an Ind. Candle Consultant. Each Consultant is different and may offer different specials.

(Pictured above are the 16oz Cascade Candles)

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